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We live in a society that is changing faster than ever before and facing increasingly complex challenges. Businesses and governments around the world are struggling to keep pace with what is required of them. But for some time now, a small but rapidly expanding group of people have been championing a different way of thinking about the future, embracing change, growing and innovating for the benefit of individuals, businesses, governments and society as a whole. They did this through the creation of ‘Future Centers’, the first example of which was the Skandia Future Centre, created by Prof. Leif Edvinsson, for the prototyping and renewal of Intellectual Capital.

This diverse group have joined together under the auspices of the Future Center Alliance (FCA) to promote and extend the impact that Future Centers and their related activities can have. The FCA is the leading international alliance for initiating, organising and actively supporting the management and renewal of Future Centers and similar dedicated innovation environments.

Download the original FCA Invitation document to see how it all started.